The 8 Percent seeks to provide insight to both entrepreneurs and artists that will help them move forward in all aspects of their professional lives. With this in mind, Plural developed a clean and contemporary responsive blog site that allows the great article headlines and images to speak for themselves.

A space converging entrepreneurism and art

The basics of a brilliant blog starts with the design. The web, and in particular the blogosphere, is a crowded place. With so many blogs out there, it was important to make sure we could make the user experience unique. The design needed to be attractive, creative and clever. But more than that, it needed to speak directly to The 8 Percent readers. Everything we wanted to create needed to be minimal, but expressive enough to engage with a highly creative demographic.  It needed to distinguish and engage, whilst making calls to what The 8 Percent offers and why visitors should take the time to read on.


Plural set out to firstly help refine the visual identity of The 8 Percent brand. We initially looked at refining the logo design, moved into developing simple visual identity standards and then an entire site design. A refurbished interface and content hierarchy added a new focus for usability and accessibility. The visual design also played a very important role to develop structure and awareness.

The end result is a remarkable online space filled with meaningful articles both to inspire you with stories of other members of The 8 Percent, and to create opportunities for you to tap into your own work. The blogging platform utilizes WordPress CMS and is integrated into InfusionSoft and Leadpages to generate and track user retention and nurture leads. 

  • Excellence fascinates us. People, in any industry or field, who are obsessed with changing things. With breaking down barriers. With doing things differently. Over the last few years others have developed names for them: Game changers, thought leaders, disrupters — we call them The 8 Percent.

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