Time to be frank about investing
in Frankston City

The Invest Frankston through the line marketing campaign set out to raise awareness of Frankston City's potential as an investment hub, making it a serious consideration for investors from surrounding areas as far as Melbourne and throughout the south east of Victoria. Positioning Frankston City as the newest, most desirable commercial investment location across all industry sectors would lead to a more diverse cross-section of business profiles, new commercial possibilities and increased job opportunities for the local community. It also aims to shift the mindset on Frankston, reinvigorating the area and making the community even more proud of the place they call home.

How might we position Frankston City as a desirable commercial investment hub across all industry sectors?


Frankston City Council is changing and widening the playing field for investment opportunities. However, commercial, residential and industrial investors either didn’t consider Frankston City as a commercially viable place to invest due to competing metropolitan and regional markets, were unaware of its growth, or didn’t see Frankston as a desirable place to invest.

Our challenge – to get potential investors, existing business owners and the general business community to consider Frankston City as a great place to invest in in a bold, persuasive and commercially compelling way.


Plural worked closely with Frankston City Council to leverage the idea that Frankston is not the place everyone knows it to be. It took an irreverent approach to “be frank” about the perceptive barriers to considering Frankston as a place to invest their business. These perceptions were debunked by showcasing local businesses thriving in a post-pandemic world—a place that has emerged with considerable and successful statistics proving growth.

“Frankston a burgeoning metropolitan activity centre providing limitless opportunities”

We discovered and defined the audience and created segmentation profiles for more targeted messaging across digital and print. Plural then developed an integrated media plan covering paid and owned media across display digital, print and out of home advertising. This marketing communications approach targeted business audiences such as franchises, business owners and real estate agents. Industry-focused messaging was targeted at segmented audiences such as manufacturers, hospitality & retail, health and MedTech and work space.

Invest Frankston Mornington Peninsula Print Ad
Invest Frankston Franchise Review Print Ad

Working with Plural on our first brand awareness campaign was fantastic. The work was strategic with the team understanding our long-term vision and working closely with us every step of the way – from the media plan, creative and output to campaign management and reporting.

— Invest Frankston Team, Frankston City Council

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