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With over 7,500 national employees, Australian Unity holds over 3% of the health insurance market, offering healthcare, financial services and retirement living. The organisation has a focus is on investing back into the wellness of its employees. This has lead to pioneering a digital system that tracks and measures new employee journeys to help them settle into their role.

How might we support the wellbeing of employees through their induction into a new role and increase their understanding of our brand?


Effectively incorporating new employees can be a challenging task for HR and managers alike. With the expectation that the majority of new hires were there to stay for the long haul, traditional orientation programs consisted of a brief introduction to the company and a lot of paperwork.

However, this task has become even more difficult with the entrance of a new generation of workers. Today’s top talent is looking for more than just a job and are not afraid to job hop until they find the right fit. In a recent survey by Korn Ferry, 90% of executives said retaining new hires was an issue in their company with turnover rates of 10-25% within the first six months alone.

“When new hires arrive at the company, it’s important that they are integrated as quickly as possible. Onboarding is a challenging process, and clearly defining what is expected of the employee can be tricky.”


To help Australian Unity’s HR department automate their recruitment processes, Plural set out to replace existing paper-based processes, all within an eight-week sprint cycle. The online employee induction system asks new employees to respond to a number of insightful web videos and task-related questions to gauge and report on their understanding of vital processes, core values and their role within the company.

“90% of executives said retaining new hires was an issue in their company with turnover rates of 10-25%.”

Plural worked closely with the internal human resources team to develop training videos and questionnaires. A specific data management system was developed to generate systematic reports that coincide with internal recruitment processes.


An increase in employee health is associated with improved employee wellbeing, performance and productivity.

At Australian Unity, we believe that if we are bold, warm and honest in our dealings with each other, we can deliver on our promise of wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

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