Providing bold connections for business in Frankston

Frankston City Council set to rename, rebrand and regenerate the Frankston Business & Industry Chamber, whose mission is to help local businesses realise their full potential to drive a new era of innovation, growth and profitability.

How might we position the peak business organisation and voice for the Frankston area?

The project

Plural was engaged to on the brand name and visual identity. After over 100 names brainstormed, Frankston Business Collective and a striking magenta brandmark was selected. This aptly represented what the organisation’s brand story set out to achieve—providing bold connections. 

The word ‘collective’ denoting unity, working together, co-operation and a sense of belonging in a like-minded group. This  translated directly into the logo through the interconnectedness of the three letters, a visual representation of the different businesses and individuals coming together to form the collective.

Once the name and identity was established, Plural rolled out new business basics and  launch materials such as social media posts, templates, flyers, posters, postcards and folders.

Case Study / Invest Frankston

Time to be frank about investing in Frankston

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