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State Trustees has a long history of helping protect the interests of Victorians by administering deceased estates and managing the financial and legal affairs of people who are unable to do so due to disability, mental illness or other circumstances.

45% of Australians do not have a current Will. How might we better inform people about the importance of legal and financial services prior to unfortunate circumstances?


The setting up and management of personal legal affairs documentation is something that most people don’t think about until they find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance. Educating the public about the benefits of wills, power of attorney services and estate administration is an ongoing challenge for State Trustees, the public trustee for the State of Victoria.

As valuable as these services are for providing security and peace of mind in difficult times, informing people about their benefits is difficult due to potentially complex options, lack of awareness, and general apathy by people who often act too late.


State Trustees selected Plural as a preferred partner to help them clean up and modernise their portfolio of financial services marketing collateral. Although their existing brand guidelines were already in use, the range of promotional literature developed under this system was complex, inconsistent and generally difficult to read.

Plural worked with the marketing team at State Trustees to flesh out an effective and consistent typographic hierarchy to be used across all branded publications. Plural also helped State Trustees improve the readability across their suite of documents by introducing strong publication design techniques such as divider pages, colour for wayfinding, better-designed tables and the use of relevant photography to divide documents up for improved pacing.

A new cover image treatment was developed by evolving the existing branding to create a look and feel that would not only catch customers’ attention in busy brochure racks but would also ensure that each brochure was easily distinguishable from others in its family.

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