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Quality Energy, an experienced power quality solutions provider and manufacturer, tackles the challenges of rising energy costs and inconsistent power supply for electricity-intensive businesses and organisations. With over 30 years of expertise, they serve various industries, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, education, healthcare, entertainment, and property.

How might we enhance the digital presence and brand reputation while driving increased leads, revenue, and services growth?


Quality Energy partnered with Plural Agency to tackle their website redevelopment goals, which included increasing leads and revenue, elevating brand perception, and driving services growth. Their pain points encompassed limited flexibility in web templates, unprogressive brand representation, and the need to optimise digital reach and frequency through SEO.

Quality Energy aimed to develop a research-driven digital marketing funnel to boost website enquiries and generate quality sales leads in line with their growth targets.


Plural Agency rose to the challenge by implementing a brand refresh that respected Quality Energy’s 30-year brand identity while showcasing their engineering capabilities and professionalism. Through a revamped website design built on a no-code CMS, it provided the in-house marketing manager with flexibility and ease of use. The result was a fully responsive website that enhanced professionalism and differentiated Quality Energy from competitors.

Further to the redevelopment, Plural performed two sets of 50-point SEO audits, keyword research and performs monthly SEO services to achieve market-leading results and ongoing competitive performance. The impact was remarkable, with a significant increase in leads, improved brand reputation, higher-quality website traffic, and successful market expansion. These outcomes aligned with Quality Energy’s marketing objectives, driving tangible growth and success.


“The new site enables seamless editing of design and content, maximising user experience, optimising the marketing funnel, and boosting conversions. Plural’s expertise in SEO-driven adjustments to site content and design improves results, justifying the investment and demonstrating increased enquiries from our website development and SEO efforts.”

— Samantha Chua-Koulaginis, Marketing Manager

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